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Library Orientation: Home

Rules for the scavenger hunt

Steps to completing the scavenger hunt

1. Read the tab labeled Policies and Procedures

2. Choose one person from your group to be the technology person and use the computer to fill out the scavenger hunt form.

3. Log into Classlink (use the home button next to the URL bar)

4. Open Google Drive

5. Open Library catalog HS (now you should have 4 tabs open, this one, Destiny Discover, Google Drive, and Classlink)

6.  Before you start your scavenger hunt, read the tab titled "Policies and Procudures".

7. Open the tab for your groups scavenger hunt.

8. Have fun

To upload a green screen photo:

1. Go into the Nook with your group and have your photo taken in front of the green screen.

2. Choose a background

3. Look in your Google Drive for your photo.

4. Add the photo to your Google Drive (right click and choose the option "add to drive").

5. You can now upload on the Google Form from your Google Drive.